Further information on Unschooling and respectful parenting.

Many of the sources listed below have multiple social media platforms, I have linked to their websites here. 

Heidi Steel is a UK based Unschooler who Unschools all four of her children. As a fully qualified teacher turned Unschooler she  shares wisdom, experience and insight at:  https://liveplaylearn.org/

Pam Larrichia is a Canadian Unschooler. She has three grown up children who were all Unschooled. She has written a number of books and releases regular podcasts where she shares her knowledge. https://livingjoyfully.ca/

These are two Australian based Unschoolers who share their experiences and wisdom.



Alliance for Self Directed Education (SDE) has many articles and videos explaining SDE


Iris Chen is a peaceful parenting advocate, intersectional Unschooler, anti-oppression activist, and deconstructing tiger mom.


Helpful Books

Changing Our Minds.jpg

“Changing our Minds: How children can take control over their own learning.” Dr Naomi Fisher.

Dr Naomi Fisher's book "Changing Our Minds" blends research from fields of clinical psychology, evolutionary psychology, human motivation and education with personal experience. With an engaging and easily readable tone she sheds light on, and makes a persuasive case for, the importance of children to have autonomy and choice over their education. 

 “Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life.” Dr Peter Gray.


In Free to Learn, developmental psychologist Peter Gray makes the case that when children are able to freely pursue their interests through play they will learn all that they need to know and with passion and deep engagement. 

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"Untigering: Peaceful parenting for the deconstructing tiger parent". Iris Chen. 


Iris shares her journey from authoritarian tiger parenting to a respectful, connected way of raising children. As a Chinese American she draws from her personal and cultural experiences of living in both North America and Asia. She challenges us to change our beliefs about children, the parent/child dynamic and challenges cultural norms.