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Look around ... what do you see?

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Do you see people living in and at peace with themselves and each other? Do you see a world filled with love, connection, unity and respect? Do you see people in health, happiness and fulfilment? Or, do you see people living in conflict with themselves and others? Do you see disease, poverty, competition, fear, division and struggle?

I think as parents our deepest desires for our children are to be happy, healthy and fulfilled. We are fed a “societal success recipe” via cultural norms, parenting and education paradigms that we are told will allow our children to achieve. Out of love for our children, our desire to do the “right thing”, fear of what would happen if we didn’t follow this recipe, we implement it with almost no thought or question.

But from all my years of personal experience, collective experience of other parents/home educators and all my research, I’ve come to believe that there is something fundamentally amiss with the “societal success recipe” we have been fed.

Over the course of the following blogs, I am going to shine the spotlight on the paradigms and mechanisms that I (and many others) believe result in the “societal success recipe” failing to deliver what we really aspire for our children. In fact, not only does it not deliver happy, healthy and fulfilled human beings, it actually drives the very things we do not want.

I am also going to explore the alternatives and show how they bring us closer and more aligned to the lives to which we are aspiring.

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