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With Unschooling/life learning we learn as we live our lives. We do not grind skills or knowledge now, just in case they may be helpful, useful or relevant at some point in the future. Obviously, if some knowledge or skill is not useful now but is interesting to us now, we learn it now.

I was forcibly reminded of this earlier this morning in MusicMan's football session. He was mastering a football activity and increasing speed each round. We got to a point of wondering how much faster he had got from his first repetition. I should say we are extremely fortunate in our coach as he has really gotten on board with our learning methods. So at this point he posed the question as "have you come across decimals before?" rather than just asking him to calculate it. The coach then allowed us some space and time to discuss and calculate how many seconds and milliseconds he had shaved off his original time. This flexibility and adaptiveness has been important in making our sessions a rounded life learning experience and not just a football skills session.

So this learning (to handle decimals in the form of seconds and milliseconds) was totally in context, it was useful and interesting. Instead of treating this as a moment to "test" numeracy skills it was instead used as an opportunity to expand them. It is also a wonderful reminder that in real life, knowledge and skills aren't neatly parcelled into subjects, but are seamlessly interwoven. In this way unschooling/life learning allows, and encourages, complex connections to be formed between knowledge, concepts and skills.

When I reflect on this morning's session there are so many areas of learning. I'm sure this isn't exhaustive as we never really know exactly what our children are learning within themselves. I could see: football skills, football knowledge, gross motor skills, coordination, numeracy, physics principles, self evaluation, critical thinking, creativity, perseverance and social skills. Real life is incredibly rich when we are able to open our eyes and see it.

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