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Every person has a gift, every person is intelligent.

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

"Finding your own gift is an act of selflessness as it contributes to humanity and not just simply personal satisfaction"

Sir Ken Robinson, Discover The Gift.

I genuinely believe that every single person is born with a gift; every person is intelligent, talented and smart. Everyone has something to offer the world. Sadly though, for many people, their gifts are never recognised and/or brought forth. So many people will go through life feeling unfulfilled, that they are missing something in life, that they have had to sacrifice a true part of themselves or even worse, that they are talent-less, worthless and not enough. How does this happen?

In his 1983 book, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardener outlines a number of types of human intelligence. These range from linguistic to musical, from logical-mathematical to intra-personal. Each person has a profile; different intelligences, in different balances, for different people. By understanding their profile, a person can be empowered in their learning, direction and passions.

Source: https://simerjeet.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/9-types-of-intelligence-infographic.png

The sad fact is, that within our schooling system only two of these intelligences are really recognised, never mind valued, honed or cultivated. These are the linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences. NB. The IQ score, which is the most widely recognised measure of a human intelligence, is only based on linguistic and logical-mathematical abilities.

Over recent years a school’s test results, and therefore position in league tables, have been the qualifier of a “good school”. Competition in the “school market” has meant that the curriculum time is focused on the key test areas: English, Maths and Science. As a result, there has been a decimation of other subjects, and therefore cultivation of different intelligences, in the mad scrabble for the “best results” in the key tests.

With a growing emphasis and devotion to only linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences, an ever growing number people leave the formal education system believing they are not intelligent, stupid, worthless, not good enough and never find, never mind cultivate, their true gifts.

If we want our children to live better, more fulfilling, wholehearted, authentic and happier lives, we need to nurture each child to bring forth their gift, and hone their particular balance of intelligences. Funnelling every child down the same narrow path, for 12-13 years (i.e. the vast majority of their childhoods) is, at best, cripplingly limited, and at worst catastrophic.


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