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February 2022: I have been delighted to record a second podcast with Heidi Steel from Live. Play. Learn. In this episode of "Unschooling Conversations" we discuss how learning looks and evolves without a dictated curriculum. Amongst other things we will be discussing what drives learning and how we can create environments for this to thrive. (Podcast 59:43 mins)


The podcast is available here from You Tube (or below) or other podcast platforms available here via Anchor.  

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April 2022: I will be presenting this year at the PDA Space Summit.  I will be talking about how we can change the narrative around parenting and education to work with PDA neurology and allow our children to thrive.

The PDA Online Summit consists of 30 speakers and brings together parents, carers, professionals and everyone who supports families to learn, collaborate and deepen their understanding of PDA. Not only do the children benefit from this, we all do!

This is a free event. Each webinar will be available for 24 hours. For unrestricted access you can purchase a Back Pocket Pass that will last till 31 March 2023.

Please click the link below to find out more and/or register for the event. https://www.thepdaspace.com/

June 2021: On Sunday, Steph Yates from The Butterfly Princess SEND initiative, and I recorded the second of our 2 part vlog series. Steph is a young woman with Cerebral Palsy and is a wheelchair user. She is a passionate advocate of mainstream schooling for children with SEND. However in this series we have been discussing Home Education and the benefits for children with SEND. In the second of our two vlogs we discuss Self Directed Education/Unschooling. This will be the perfect introduction to anyone interested in Self Directed Education/Unschooling.  Enjoy. (video 1:05:43 min.).

June 2021: Last month, I had the pleasure of chatting to Founder and CEO of Play Well For Life, Dr Sarah Campbell PhD. Play Well For Life design game and Apps using play as a driver for learning and developing emotional intelligence. In our chat we discuss children's natural learning mechanisms, that are driven through play, and how current schooling systems fail to provide this. We discuss how this impacts the quality of learning and is detrimental to healthy development, emotional and mental health.

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Find the Play Well For Life Podcast wherever you like to listen:

Anchor: https://buff.ly/2MN5O1N

Spotify: https://buff.ly/3qKAHCG

Apple: https://buff.ly/3qTTXxz

May 2021: On Sunday, I had the great pleasure of chatting to the lovely Steph Yates from The Butterfly Princess SEND initiative about Home Education. Steph is a young woman with Cerebral Palsy and is a wheelchair user. She is a passionate advocate of mainstream schooling for children with SEND. However, as part of her series of vlogs into education and SEND, she invited me to talk about Home Education as an alternative to schooling, and particularly how it can be powerful for children with SEND. In many respects, this is the introduction to home education I wish I had had at the start of our schooling journey, and I hope it is useful to anyone who is exploring all options for education, whether a child has SEND or not. Enjoy. (video 47:39 min.).


April 2021: I have the absolute pleasure of being invited to host a webinar at the 2021 PDA Summit. My webinar is how Self Directed Education (SDE) is an alternative to school for PDA children. I talk about our own story, how I found Unschooling (SDE within home education), how it perfectly works with, not against, PDA neurology and how it has positively transformed our lives. 

This three day event (23rd - 25th April 2021) is free, register here for access to the event. 


Access beyond these dates is via The Back Pocket Pass. More details can be found here

NB. PDA is Pathological Demand Avoidance, a form of autism. 

I had the absolute pleasure to be invited to talk about deschooling with Heidi Steel over at Live Play Learn.  Deschooling is the process by which children and, in many respects more importantly, parents adjust to home education. It is a period of healing, reconnection and challenging the of assumptions about learning inherited from a schooling culture. April 2021.